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About Propane

Propane, also known as LP Gas, is the perfect fuel to power your lifestyle. From homes, to farms, to business, the utility of propane is extensive. Learn how propane can make the difference in your life today.

Propane for the Home

The home is your sanctuary. Make sure it’s always running efficiently with clean burning, reliable propane.

Propane for the Business

Power your business with propane; the reliable, highly efficient, and cost-effective fuel.

The Eagle Energy Advantage

Our goal is to not just satisfy our customers, but to make them a part of the family.

A Part of a Bigger Family

Eagle Energy is proud to be apart of the ThompsonGas family. With the support of a nationwide company, you get better support and service.

Online Account Services

There are so many benefits to our online account services. It’s easy, secure and convenient. You can access your account anytime from anywhere. No more late payments, writing checks or lost checks.

Delivery Options

Eagle Energy offers several delivery options that fit all your propane needs for your home and business, and we are always willing to help you find an option that’s perfect for you.

A Part of a Bigger Family

Eagle Energy is under the larger ThompsonGas brand, which means our customers have access to the resources, and support of a nationwide company.


A Commitment to Future Generations Through Clean Energy.

The ThompsonGas family of companies founded the Green Gas Initiative to educate communities on clean energy, and reduce their carbon footprint.

A low-carbon future is something we can all agree is good for our planet and propane is one solution. Its low-carbon, high-energy output makes it a perfect fuel for vehicle fleets, agriculture, shipping, industrial work and landscape management, just to name a few.


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